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A note from Stacy J. Campbell:

Dr. George F. Viamontes, Stacy J. Campbell, Michael R. Murphy, Jean M. Murphy, Robert M. Murphy

George and I are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Diversity Scholarship Foundation to establish the Disabled Law Student Scholarship Award (DLSSA). We share a passion and commitment to higher education and diversity, and the DLSSA gives us the perfect opportunity to bring attention to these shared ideals. The inspiration behind establishing this scholarship comes from our desire to make a meaningful contribution in honor of our wedding day, and stems from our deep love and respect for my father, Michael Murphy, who has a physical disability.

My father became completely paralyzed from the chest down and uses a wheelchair as the result of a violent crime against him in 1985. In the 25 years following the accident, he has exhibited an unfaltering love and devotion to family, while still finding time to enjoy his passion for the solitude and beauty of the outdoors. He also excelled professionally, holding several prominent state government and private sector positions, and is currently the principal of his own government affairs consulting firm. He embodies all the best qualities of a loving father, husband and friend. Without my father’s hard work, perseverance, generosity and love, many of our family’s personal and professional successes would not have been possible. As George and I look to the future, we aspire to have the same commitment to family, fun and career!

To bolster the establishment of the scholarship beyond our own contributions, we are inviting our wedding guests to make donations to the DLSSA in lieu of traditional wedding gifts. We encourage and invite everyone to contribute to this scholarship and help support deserving law students with disabilities for many years to come.


Stacy J. Campbell

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