Scholarship Recipients

Pamela Dones -Chicago Kent- College of Law
Nelly Montenegro-University of Illinois College of Law
Norma Manjarrez-Loyola University School of Law
Xiomara Angulo-University of Illinois College of Law
Angela Snell-University of Illinois College of Law
Francheska Vargas- Allegheny College- 2010 LEAP Program Participant of the John Marshall Law School

“ My experience as a first generation immigrant has given me a deep sense of passion to dedicate my life to public service.” My desire is to be a public interest lawyer and eventually administer “…a non-profit organization that provides legal services to Hispanic victims of domestic violence in the Cook County area.”

~Nelly Montenegro, 2010 DSF Scholarship Recipient

Dear Members of the Diversity Scholarship Foundation Board,

I hope this message finds you well. Words cannot accurately describe how grateful I am for generosity. It means so much that you funded the cost for me to attend the 2010 LEAP at the John Marshall Law School. You trust my word and commitment to attend this program and perform to the best of my ability. That is a promise I, without a doubt, plan to fulfill.

Thank you so much for everything. I hope I have the honor of meeting you in person during the 2010 LEAP at the John Marshall Law School. You act of generosity is one that will stay with me as a complete my undergraduate career, as I complete law school and enter into my legal professional career. I hope to one day fund students to attend program such at the 2010 LEAP and help them embark on their professional careers. Thank you.


Francheska Vargas, 2010 LEAP Participant, Allegheny College~Class of 2012

Dear Ms. O’Brien,

Thank you and the Diversity Scholarship Foundation for your generosity in giving me a scholarship, for believing in me and for helping me achieve my goals.

I will not forget your gesture.


Pamela Dones

Dear Diversity Scholarship Foundation,

Thank you so much for your support. As a first generation immigrant and the first in my family to pursue higher education, I am really going to make the best use of this award. I will be able to pay for my bar studies and I am very grateful for your help.


Nelly Montenegro