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Diversity Scholarship Foundation
Charitable Contributions

The Diversity Scholarship Foundation, NFP (“Foundation”) is a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. It was established by a group of attorneys and judges committed to the ideal that diverse law school student bodies are a means of ensuring further diversification in the legal community.

The Foundation hopes to obtain more charitable contributions to fulfill our mission of promoting diversity within the legal community in various efforts. Those efforts include:

      • Awarding funds to law schools that actively promote diversity within its student population;
      • Awarding scholarships to those law school students who promote diversity within their student bodies or award scholarship funds to bar foundations that have established scholarship funds to law school students;
      • Investing in programs that educate middle and high school students about the law and the process of becoming a lawyer;
      • Providing LSAT tutoring and mentoring to students who plan to attend law school;
      • Providing tutoring and mentoring to law school students who encounter academic challenges;
      • Supporting selected diversity initiatives presented by organizations that participate in the Unity Award Dinner; and
      • Providing support and resources to law firms that seek to diversify its workforce.
  • Donation to Diversity Scholarship Foundation